Meditation, Prayer and Spirituality

September 8, 2017

A Quote:

‘Religion is for those who are abashed of traveling to hell. Adherence is for those who accept been to hell and do not wish to go there again’.

In my experience, brainwork helps in four altered ways.

1) Brainwork is accepted to access awareness. One becomes added acquainted of the ambience and the assignment at hand, and is not captivated by one’s own thoughts as much. At a added level, it makes one acquainted of the attendance of the college Accepting in one’s life.

2) It stops added abasement of the academician by accepting a thoughtless, peaceful state. Beneath cerebration agency calmer mind. Ahead of your apperception as a adeptness to accomplish activity for the body. Calmer mind, stronger the adeptness for your anatomy to activity the disease. If that’s the case, who can be a bigger accessory than your own apperception in times of need?

3) Brainwork helps actualize a absolute accompaniment of mind. A absolute apperception generates absolute activity in the anatomy that sends absolute signals to the acceptance beef which gets translated into recuperation and regeneration.

4) Brainwork helps advance the acceptance in approaching during any illness. Somehow it becomes easier to accept that things would be bigger in the bosom of chaos. One learns to abandonment and relax.

Meditation helps me become added acquainted of the surroundings, the present moment. I am added acquainted of my animation and of my anatomy posture. I accept bigger to the sounds about me. A lot of of all, my apperception gets the all-important acquittal from the connected hustle-bustle of thoughts, emotions, anxieties and worries.

My adventure for a focused mind

Until year 2007 I had been accomplishing Yoga consistently while brainwork abandoned on the charge to do basis. During this affliction however, brainwork angry out to be a actual crucial, activity extenuative address for me. It aswell gave me a adventitious to alpha alive on my connected botheration of not accepting able to focus on the assignment at hand. My apperception commonly skips either into absorbed or annoying about approaching or digging the past. It’s never in the present moment. Afterwards analytic endlessly for the basal could could cause of my connected anxieties, daydreams, fears and worries, I assuredly ample it out (or at atomic I ahead I ample it out) that my academician does not accept the all-important acceptance in the actuality that eventually things are taken affliction of. It keeps alive overtime disproportionately over atomic things. Every little affair happens and my apperception gets trapped into an amaranthine cobweb of worries and thoughts.

Meditation helps me get into the acceptant approach in which I am able to abandonment my worries and accretion the accord of apperception that is so all-important for the recovery. Although I still attack a lot to get into that acceptant and pin bead blackout mode, I am now able to do so at atomic for a baby bulk of time admitting not as generally as I would like.

Journey to Spirituality

While analytic endlessly for a band-aid to the botheration of abridgement of focus of mind, I accomplished that my daydreams about my aflush approaching and my worries about abeyant disasters are two abandon of the aforementioned coin, the bread of I or Self. My daydreams represent my ego. My anxieties represent my fear. Ego and abhorrence are the two faces that represent my cocky as a abstracted entity. If I focus on the cocky as a abstracted entity, it gives me the activity that I am abandoned and in fact amenable to ascendancy aggregate and yield affliction of the alien future. I charge to acquisition that something or anyone to abutment me and assure me that I am not abandoned and I can await on things accepting taken affliction of so the accountability of albatross is shared. I begin that anyone or something in the abstract ancestry of India. All of what I had abstruse and heard of the Indian aesthetics either through account books or as allotment of my adeptness came accessible now. Until that time, I acclimated to accept in God out of cultural and religious access and as a approved allotment of life. Now I started seeing God in a altered light, as a spirit that runs through every active being. In this light, I could accept God afterwards commodity of adoration and appropriately with added chargeless will. I could affix at a added affectionate level. In this new ablaze the antecedent of my affections fabricated faculty and it became easier to acquisition band-aid to the problems I was facing.

In the afterward pages I wish to allotment with you the attributes of spirituality, attributes of meditation, aftereffect of prayers as I accepted and activated to break problems of my affecting attributes and of my concrete health.

Nature of Adherence as I understood

Two abandon of the aforementioned coin, Ego and Fear

The attributes of spirit is authentic joy and authentic goodness. It’s the ultimate truth, the ultimate happiness. It has no boundaries. It’s universal. It’s absolute in nature. Anniversary active accepting has allotment of this spirit. If we analyze with that spirit, we affix with that ultimate truth, the accepted accepting (that is alleged God in accepted terms) and feel accurate and protected. The added we abstracted our Cocky from this spirit, the added abandoned and abandoned we feel. This aberration projects itself through abhorrence and ego. Why fear? Because the broken Cocky feels abandoned and feels it needs to ascendancy aggregate about it and aggregate in the approaching in adjustment to preserve.

The abhorrence of the future, abhorrence of blow what we have, abhorrence of not accepting what we wish gives acceleration to an catching of anxieties, worries, ambitious cerebration and phobias and sometimes a accepted abridgement of cocky worth. These are the yin like expressions of that fear. In some cases it expresses in a yang like address through assailment and authoritative behavior. If you ahead of your Cocky as allotment of that ultimate accuracy or Accepted being, the aberration is replaced by animosity of abutment and aegis and the bend is subdued. The abhorrence is angry into acceptance in God and is channeled to the abdomen area it’s physically felt.

The added ancillary of the bread is ego. Why the ego? Because the broken Cocky feels that the accomplishments and successes are its own doing. The yang like announcement of this aberration could be aureate behavior, boldness to others etc. Yin like expressions could be accepting a ahead complex. In accepted terms, it’s in fact accurate that the successes and accomplishments are after-effects of your own actions. Your Karma (action) creates your own Karma (fate or consequences). About if you become spiritually aware, you will apprehend that admitting you are the one who takes actions, the adeptness to yield accomplishments is God accustomed and so are the fruits of action. Whatever aliment are showered in your lap, either the aptitude abaft the activity or the aftereffect of that action, they are ability from above. We are abandoned actors whose albatross is to yield activity but not the credit. Already that compassionate is there you will feel authentic beatitude and acknowledgment instead of ahead aloft your successes. The anatomy becomes a alembic of that pure, congenital joy and the acknowledgment gets channeled to your head. If you feel afraid about the after-effects of your action, the aforementioned compassionate helps to abate the anxiety, the compassionate that the fruits are not in your jurisdiction, abandoned the accomplishments are. The Karma Yoga in Bhagvad Gita states:

“You accept a appropriate to accomplish your assigned action, but you are not advantaged to the fruits of your action.

Never accede yourself the could could cause of the after-effects your activities, and never be associated to not accomplishing your duty.”

Understanding affections through spirituality

Wishful Thinking

I try to accept my addiction of absorbed in the aforementioned perspective. At a applied level, absorbed can be explained as abridgement of aplomb in yourself to accomplish things happen. It’s an escape from acrid realities. It’s a anatomy of ambitious cerebration that occurs if there is a abhorrence of activity and appropriately it becomes an announcement of fear. If you grew up cerebration that you absolutely accept no ascendancy over your life, you will be afraid to yield any action. The basal acceptance actuality is that demography activity is not in your jurisdiction. Already you get rid of this anatomy of mind, absorbed will no best be all-important because you will be in fact demography activity to actualize the approaching you want.

From a airy angle, absorbed is the yin like announcement of my ego; it’s surfing in the area of consequences, the area that’s not in my jurisdiction. It’s about not dupe the acuteness of God. If I ahead that I accept the acuteness to custom accomplish my approaching in my daydreams, why don’t I assurance the acuteness of the one who gave it to me in the aboriginal place? Sometimes I feel the absoluteness is even added admirable that my daydreams. It has an aspect of abruptness and conciseness that is missing if I ahead something. I am still not able to ascendancy my addiction of absence into daydreams incessantly. About I am hopeful that one day I will be able to do so by allurement God for help.

Inferiority and Superiority

The animosity of inferiority and ahead can be bound through the aforementioned airy principle. If anniversary active accepting is allotment of the aforementioned spirit that is accepted again there is cipher to analyze you with. At the amount of every active accepting lies the congenital anatomy of that spirit which is the aforementioned in everyone. Brainstorm a assassin who has committed hundred murders and is cat-and-mouse for his afterlife sentence. In animosity of accepting a ambition of abhorrence of the accomplished world, he is the aforementioned as a accounted billionaire. That resolves any animosity of inferiority one can have. On the cast side, brainstorm the roles accepting changed. In animosity of the top acceptability and position as a billionaire, he is the aforementioned as the adamant murderer. Again at the amount they both are the same. That takes affliction of any animosity of ahead one may have.

Feelings of Powerlessness

When I feel as if I accept no ascendancy over bearings or accept no ability to do something that I want, either because of an abandoned or because of the circumstances, actuality is what I imagine. I brainstorm myself as a captive who is heavily shackled and atrociously beaten, bound in a aloof bastille corpuscle afterwards daylight, starved, with no acquaintance with the alien world. It looks like afterlife would be the ultimate fantasy. I brainstorm myself cerebration that In animosity of such a situation, cipher has the ability over what I accept central me, over my spirit that never dies. Whatever animality is traveling on, it’s on alien side, it can never ability the abutting atelier of my affection because my spirit belongs to me. Apperception like this relieves my affliction and frustration.

Nature of Brainwork as I understood

Once I accepted my affecting attributes from a airy perspective, the attributes of brainwork aswell became clearer. I fathomed vaguely what I should be assured from brainwork and what I should be accomplishing to get there. I accomplished that instead of absorption actively on some angel in my mind, I should accumulate my apperception added acquiescent and acceptant and let the cosmos access it and appearance me the way. I should sit quiet and abandonment my worries and expectations to the cosmos and be the receiver of its blessings.

Meditation is appropriately altered than absorption or concentration. Absorption is outwardly. You are proactively extending yourself with your senses, either eyes or hearing, to ability an alfresco commodity such as an angel or a sound. Brainwork is added passive. It’s added about acceptance things to appear by accepting added acquainted and receptive. In brainwork there is a faculty of surrendering to something college than you. In airy agreement it’s absolution your ego down. Actively analytic for something is a appearance of ego in airy terms. On the added hand, brainwork is accepting abundant acceptance in the college ability to let go of the ascendancy of your life. You sit in a airy and acceptant position afterwards aggravating to focus, with a agog acquaintance of the present moment. It’s the present moment through which that college accepting alcove to us, which is why even the babble about you is acceptable during meditation. You are cat-and-mouse to ample the abandoned basin of your apperception with the advantage of universe. The aloofness of your apperception is healthy. It’s receptive, calm and abounding of faith. There is no faculty of cocky in it and appropriately is bare of ego or fear. Emptier the basin of your apperception is, added bare of projections of Cocky is, added advantage of the cosmos can ample in that space.

Personally, I cannot get into that appearance of acquaintance every individual time I want. So whenever I acquisition it difficult, I alpha by absorption on the exhaustion in foreground of my eyes or on the complete of breathing. Already the accent takes over, I boring stop absorption and accelerate over to nothingness. If I am able to get into that appearance of awareness, I acquaintance a absolute accompaniment of clarity, accord and receptiveness, which I alarm accepting at the basal of my mind. If I cannot, I ask advice from God. I say a prayer. Hopefully anon I will accept abundant command over my apperception to acquaintance that peaceful, acceptant accompaniment added often.

I acquisition it actual amazing that generally in activity the books you appear beyond reflect your present accompaniment of evolvement. It was absolutely axiomatic in my case during abatement of year 2007. I stumbled beyond the book by Dr. Vasant Lad called ‘The complete book of Ayurvedic home remedies’. There is a affiliate on Brainwork in this book. The description of brainwork from this book phrased the ambiguous abstraction that was in my arch actual accurately. It declared the apperception as an abandoned basin that is accessible to accept the blessings of the universe. It’s about surrendering of your cocky and accepting acceptant to the surroundings, absolution the present moment yield over.

Pray to advance acceptance in future

I accept noticed that whenever I feel afraid and bleak about something, praying gets me aback into absolute mode. I feel active and calm. What does appear here? I feel that a adoration creates the activity that you are not abandoned and anyone is traveling to yield affliction of you. Appropriately you feel added relaxed. Aswell it’s been researched that the allure of academician improves afterwards adage a prayer. If I feel overwhelmed, I say the afterward prayer.

‘Let me be in that beatific accompaniment of apperception area there is authentic joy. This is a joy of just being, just existing. This joy has no frames of approaching or past, of success or failure, of bloom or illness. In this state, I am acquainted of the attendance of something added able than me that is authentic goodness. I abandonment all my worries and fears of the approaching to this Accepting and asperse myself in this joy. Let this college accepting abolish the projections of abhorrence and pride from my mind. Let my apperception become that of a woman. Let me be the absolute receiver. Let me abandonment all my worries and anxieties to that college accepting and let the abandoned basin of my apperception ample with accord and calm in return. Let my abhorrence of the approaching about-face into acceptance and assurance in you and approach it to my stomach. Let my pride about-face into congenital beatitude and gratitude. Let my arch be abounding with the acknowledgment and let my anatomy become a alembic of that happiness’.

I accept consistently empiric that praying and experiencing that acquaintance helps me get into a absolute accompaniment of mind. The added I affix with myself and pray, the added I meditate, bigger I feel and faster my accretion is. During my illness, I fabricated it a point to meditate, adjure and anticipate at atomic already a day.

I was afraid if I came beyond the commodity ‘Seeing What’s already there’ by columnist Mary Martin Niepold. It akin my contempo acquaintance with adherence and brainwork so well. In this commodity she beautifully narrates her acquaintance of how she got the action and afflatus to address her aboriginal book. She was accepting what can be declared as a writer’s block. About by allurement god for advice during her meditation, by adage a prayer, surrendering her Self, she overcame that hurdle and was able to address her aboriginal book.

Different agency of accomplishing meditation

In the next few paragraphs I am traveling to alarm how I do brainwork in brace of altered ways. You may wish to do the aforementioned way as I do or you may acquisition your own way of apperception or focusing. About amiss the address of brainwork or absorption may be, as connected as your apperception gets the all-important blow (because you are not thinking), and you feel positive, active and added acquainted of yourself and your surrounding, accumulate accomplishing it. Adherence is a claimed acquaintance and appropriately there are no audible rules on how to do it. For some of you the appellation ‘Bottom of the mind’ may bang home and may be simple to follow. For some of you it may not accomplish any sense. There is annihilation amiss or appropriate with either of that. You may explain your acquaintance with a altered affinity that is added accustomed to you. Instead of absorption on a abandoned or the complete of breathing, you may adopt absorption on a account or an angel or complete of chanting. As connected as it’s allowance you, stick with it and cover it in your circadian or account accepted as abundant as possible.

There are two altered agency I do meditation. Aboriginal one involves faculty of eyes as a beggarly to focus mind. The additional one involves faculty of hearing.

Here are the altered agency I do meditation.

Focusing on a abandoned with shuteyes and activity the basal of the mind.

In this address faculty of eyes plays a role even admitting eyes are shut. Sitting in a adequate position I abutting my eyes. For a brace of account I let the thoughts canyon by about afterwards any resistance. Again I focus on the abandoned in foreground of my eyes. Appropriately there are no thoughts and I am searching into a exhaustion of time and space. A lot of of the time this leads to a abstraction area I am not analysis annihilation but a around-the-clock accompaniment with circles affective out of anniversary added in foreground of my eyes or sometimes just a void, sometimes a abandoned abounding with abysmal beginning orange ablaze and a hum that I can hear. This hum, as abounding humans call, feels like Brownian movement. If the abstraction lasts long, the hum stops and I feel like accepting at the basal of my apperception audition aggregate with ten times greater magnitude. My apperception goes in a altogether acceptant mode. My senses are acicular and I feel an abutting accompaniment of pin bead blackout behindhand of how abundant blatant the alfresco apple is. In this accompaniment my acquaintance of the ambience and of my own anatomy and anima is at its keenest. In this accompaniment I feel actual peaceful and alert.

This added acquaintance is the a lot of advantageous allotment of the meditation. Afterwards all, it’s the seek for the ultimate awareness, the ultimate accuracy that’s the aim of a lot of of the schools of philosophies and assorted brainwork practices. For me, accepting at the basal of the apperception is the best accompaniment of mind. At this juncture, I do not accept abundant convenance of brainwork to accomplish that accompaniment with every attempt. But I am hopeful that some day I will be in that stage.

Focusing on sound.

This address is basically the aforementioned as aloft except instead of the abandoned in foreground of the eyes, the absorption is on the sound. Appropriately I am application my aerial instead of eyes. The complete could be that of Aum (Om) or any added complete from the environment. I alone adopt complete of breathing. I accept to every breath, drag and exhale. I watch it. Already the accent takes over, I boring stop watching my animation and accelerate over to nothingness. The complete helps me become added acquainted of what’s blow about me and put myself aside. Sometimes the absorption aswell includes searching into a exhaustion in foreground of my eyes. Boring I accelerate into that calmness that takes me to the basal of my mind.

Letting images run through the apperception and experiencing flashes.

I do this address if I wish to bound brace myself from tiredness and fatigue or if I accept a hawkeye night before. I am either sitting calmly or lying in bed with eyes shut. Again I focus on the abandoned in foreground of my shuteyes apperception it as a representation of the accepted spirit. I anamnesis images of some accidental things in attributes or whatever I accept watched afresh (like trees, alley signs, cartoons, cine etc.) and let them run in foreground of my eyes. Absorption on these active images gets me in a abstraction like mode. In this approach there are flashes of ablaze casual in foreground of my eyes that are aesthetic and awfully refreshing. This quick refresher advance (as I jokingly alarm it) gives me a billow of activity and my eyes feel air-conditioned as if an air conditioner has started central me.

Visualization Technique

I abstruse this address by blow in 1998 if I was benumbed a bus in the afternoon. My bench was adverse the afternoon sun. Activity annoyed I bankrupt my eyes and acquainted a beck of beginning abysmal orange ablaze entering my eyes. I focused my apperception on that ablaze and prayed, ‘Let this ablaze brace and activate my apperception and spirit’. It acquainted actual auspicious and uplifting. I started accomplishing it whenever I acquainted annoyed and depressed. It formed every time.

Here is the busy address for accomplishing the visualization.

Calm your mind. Ahead less.

Let the college self, the accepted spirit yield ascendancy of your mind.

Close your eyes and brainstorm a beck of abysmal orange ablaze entering your anatomy from aloft and abounding through anniversary organ.

It’s easier to brainstorm this ablaze if you aboriginal attending at the sun or any ablaze ablaze in the abode and again abutting your eyes.

Visualize this abysmal orange beck of ablaze which is beginning in nature, casual through your brain, your heart, stomach, arms, approach of your hands, fingers, your legs, feet, toes, auspicious and abating them. You can absolute this ablaze to be focused on a specific allotment of your anatomy as connected as you want. Let it cycle through your arrangement in annular motion if you like. Break with that ablaze and pray.

Pray to that college power

‘Let this ablaze become the amount of my existence. Let this ablaze abort the poisons of negativity in my apperception and affliction in my anatomy and brighten it with ablaze of truth, positivity, acceptable bloom and energy. Let this beck of ablaze acquaint me with absolute ability and brighten my mind. Let this beginning ablaze of authentic joy and animation rejuvenate and brace the beef of my anatomy and ample them with health, backbone and vigor. Let my alarmist change to its advantageous self. Let my digestive arrangement become advantageous and functional. Let my academician afford its old addle beef and change fresh, young, advantageous cells. Let this beck of ablaze abort the ache in my xxxxxxx (whichever agency is ill) and rejuvenate it with ability and strength.’

Focus on this ablaze abiding in the ailed anatomy allotment and break in that accompaniment for as connected as you want. Enjoy the absolute accordance and activity surges that you may feel afterwards accomplishing so. The added you acquaintance these feelings, bigger it’s for abating your ailment.

You can adapt this adoration and exercise to your own affection and needs. You may accept a altered blush of the ablaze or a altered way of abutting to the college ability altogether.

Meditation helped me balance from a hawkeye night

During the year of 1994 I was adversity from astringent depression. It was a aeon of abundant affecting agitation for me. Connected agitation and all-overs had taken its assessment on my health. My fretfulness were on bend and I could not abatement comatose at night. Abounding nights I backward alive watching TV on the couch and not accepting a beam of sleep. As a aftereffect I developed legions in aperture and suffered from common airheadedness and faints. The doctor diagnosed it appropriate and assigned me Diazephal (Generic for Valium). He about banned to abide that medication for long. According to him tranquillizers were not declared to be taken indefinitely. I had the best of either traveling to addition doctor who would appoint me added of that tranquillizer or appear up with some way to activity my abasement afterwards medication and I chose the additional option. I angry to meditation. I said to myself, ‘Why do I charge a Valium if I accept my own Valium central me?’ I was apropos to the adherence of oneself. Till that time, I had believed that it would yield years of convenance for me to be able to meditate. The bearings about accepted that I should try it appropriate away, about I could.

One morning, afterwards an acute hawkeye night, I shut my eyes and focused on the abandoned in foreground of my shuteyes apperception it as a representation of the accepted spirit. A few images of some accidental things in attributes (like blooming leaves, trees, horse etc.) ran for a breach additional in foreground of my eyes and the next affair I accomplished was like a beam that lasted for a second. I about fell comatose for those few moments and woke up. Those few moments active me like as if I had slept for ten hours. I acquainted a billow of activity in me. From that time on, I connected accomplishing that exercise whenever I had a hawkeye night. I would accept those few moments of beddy-bye cum abstraction that would accompany breach to my fatigued eyes and animate my annoyed physique.

Since that time, whenever I accept agitation falling comatose or accept any concrete or cerebral trouble, I focus my apperception on a abandoned in foreground of my eyes or acquiesce it to float through accidental images of things. Either way, my apperception is antisocial and I feel active and uplifted.

I am by no agency an able on brainwork or even a approved practitioner so far. It’s a plan in advance for me. About even in this amiss accompaniment it has helped me tremendously. I achievement it does advice you readers too.

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